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Studio Policies

We are fully committed to safe-guarding and promoting the well-being of all our students. We believe it is important that all people who are associated with the Studio should at all times show respect and understanding for the safety and welfare of others.

Students and parents are encouraged to be open at all times and share any concerns or complaints that they may have about any aspect of the Studio with the Principals, Gary and Sue Richardson.

Code of Conduct and Studio Rules.

  1. All dance classes are based on termly sessions, payable on a weekly basis. Any lessons missed must be paid for,      except in the event of extended illness or injury.
  2. All Medal Test forms and fees must be returned and paid in full before the Medal Test session.  Please check for your allocated time at reception.
  3. Tickets for the Christmas show and Presentation Dances to be purchased in advance.  Tickets are sold on a first come, first served basis and are non-refundable.
  4. Classes are arranged by age and/or dance grade ability.
  5. Prompt arrival times are appreciated for both classes and any show rehearsals.
  6. Suitable clothing and shoes to be worn at all times within the Studio for lessons.
  7. No jewellery to be worn for dance classes or shows.
  8. No chewing gum or sweets whilst dancing.
  9. No smoking allowed in the Studio.
  10. Only food and drink purchased at the Studio may be consumed on the premises.
  11. The use of video or photographic equipment, including camera phones is prohibited within the Studio, unless specific permission has been given to do so.  Please refer to the Studio’s photographic policy below.
  12. The Studio promotes the teaching of dance in a fun and enjoyable environment, and only good behaviour will be tolerated.
  13. Should your child no longer wish to attend the Studio, please inform us so that we may offer their place to someone else.
  14. Please inform us of any change in contact details.

Photographic Policy.

The Studio is aware that there is a possibility that photographic images can be used inappropriately and/or for illegal purposes. The Studio is also aware that families like to record events in their children's dance career.

It is the Studio's understanding that photographs/videos generated by parents at Studio events are for the sole use of the family concerned. They are not for display, distribution or any other purpose outside of that family.

Richardson's Dance Studio wishes to make every effort to prevent any inappropriate use of photographic images of pupils, whilst acknowledging that families wish to photograph/video their children throughout their time with us.

Please advise separately if you should not wish your child's photo to be displayed within the Studio.

All parents will be required to complete the Studio registration form and acknowledge the Studio's photographic policy.

The registration form will be retained on your child's Studio records for the period they remain with us.

Where parents feel unable to agree to the statement limiting the taking and use of photographs, it may be necessary to prohibit the taking of photos/videos by that parent.

Where parents feel unable to agree that the Studio and/or parents, in accordance with this statement, should be permitted to take photographs/videos of their child, it may be necessary to consider excluding that child from that particular Studio activity.