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Pre-school and Early Years Dance Classes


Confidence building, health and fitness awareness, manners, communication skills are just a few of the positive reasons why children should dance.  We have a fantastic programme for children to teens to learn a great range of dance styles.

So come along, have lots of fun and make some new friends!

Pre-School Class - 3/4 years

A fun packed class where youngsters explore lots of exciting dance rhythms, steps and movements.  Children are encouraged to come into the studio by themselves, but parents can watch from the comfort of our coffee lounge.

Class duration 30 minutes: £3.45

Dance Fusion Class – 4/5 years

This class is a continuation on from our pre-school class.  Now we start to explore fun dance exercises as well as lots of new exciting dance rhythms, steps and movements.  The children are introduced to the upbeat sounds of the Latin American Dances, alongside the gentle rhythms of Ballroom dances.  Let’s not forget the great beat of today’s music for our freestyle dancers.

Class duration 30 minutes - £3.45

Pre-school dance lessons - Richardsonds Dance Studio - County Durham