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Children's Dance Classes 

Confidence building, health and fitness awareness, manners, communication skills are just a few of the positive reasons why children should dance.  We have a fantastic programme for children to teens to learn a great range of dance styles.

So come along, have lots of fun and make some new friends!

Dance Fusion Class - 6/8 years

A fun and challenging class.  After a thorough warm-up session, children are taught how to combine steps and movements into some great looking routines.  Sometimes it will be one of the exciting Latin American dances, a flowing Ballroom dance or a funky Freestyle routine.

Class duration 1 hour - £5.25

Children’s Latin American

Learn all the great moves from Salsa to Samba, Cha-Cha to Jive, the Latino rhythms are really Hot, Hot, Hot! (No partner required for this class)

Class duration 1 hour – £5.25

Children’s Ballroom Class

Learn to dance to the flowing melodies of the Waltz and Foxtrot, the dynamic sounds of the Tango and the lively, energetic Quickstep. (No partner required for this class)

Class duration 1 hour - £5.25

All the above classes are for boys as well as girls!