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About Us

Gary and Sue Richardson are the Principal Dance Directors of Richardson’s Dance Studios.

Gary is an Undefeated Amateur World Ten Dance Champion, and was a Member  of the British Dance Team.  Together Gary and Sue were Professional Latin American Champions.

They have danced and taught extensively in Europe and U.S.A. and have now returned to their ‘roots’ in the North East.

Richardson’s Dance Studios offer a very modern approach to what is a very traditional leisure activity.

Gary is the son of Doris Spence who ran an extremely popular Dancing School in Spennymoor for more than fifty years.

This wealth of dance experience continues to help us provide an excellent programme of tuition for both Children and Adults.  Members* can choose from individual tuition, classes and fantastic social evenings.

Children who attend our Studio are regularly invited to participate in I.D.T.A examinations and Theatre Shows.

We are all aware of the wonderful benefits that dance can bring, health and fitness, confidence building, making new friends, are just a few of the reasons we should ……….


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