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Bishop Auckland

2.00-4.00pm Private Tuition available
4.00-4.30pm Dancing Tots Class 3/5 years
4.30-5.30pm Little Groover's Dance Fusion 8 years+
5.30-6.30pm Freestyle Class 10 years+
6.30-7.30pm Private Tuition
7.30-8.30pm Adults 'Strictly' Ballroom/Latin (I)

2.00-4.00pm Private Tuition available
4.30-5.30pm Little Groover's Dance Fusion 6 years+
5.30-6.00pm Private Tuition
6.00-7.00pm Latino/Dance Fusion Fun 'n' Fitness Class
7.00-8.00pm Adult 'Strictly' Social Dance Class (I)
8.00-9.00pm Adult 'Strictly' Ballroom and Latin Class (A)

10.30-11.30am Ladies Latino in Line Class
2.00-4.30pm Private Tuition Available
4.30-5.00pm Dancing Tots 5/6 years+ (I)
5.00-6.00pm Team Class (A)
6.00-7.00pm Teens Latin Class (A)
7.00-8.00pm Adult Improvers 'Strictly' Social Class (A)
8.00-9.00pm Adult 'Strictly' Social Class (I)

4.00-4.30pm Dancing Tots 3/5years (B)
4.30-5.30pm Freestyle Class 11 years+ (A)
5.30-6.30pm Children's Latin Class 10 years+(I)
6.30-7.30pm Teens Freestyle Class
7.30-8.30pm New Adult Complete Beginners 'Strictly' Class (B)

1.30-2.15pm Weenie Wrigglers - under 3 years (B) (Bring a grown up!) 'Dance with a Difference' Back in January
4.00-5.00pm Pop Dance 9 years + (B)
5.00-6.00pm 'Strictly' Kids Latin 9 years + (I)

8.30-9.00am Dancing Tots Class 3/5 years (I)
9.00-9.30am Dancing Tots Class 6 years (I)
9.30-10.00am Little Groover's Class 7 years+ (I)
10.00-10.45am Little Groover's Dance Fusion Class 8 years + (A)
10.45-11.45pm Freestyle Class 10 years+ (I)
11.45-12.45pm Teens Freestyle Class (A)

(A) = Advanced
(I) = Intermediate
(B) = Beginners

Private Tuition and First Wedding Dance Choreography available at The Bishop Auckland Studio
Please phone Gary or Sue at the Studio for details

All of the adult classes are £7.00 per person, per class.
Children: 1/2 hr £3.45. 3/4 hr £4.00. 1hr £5.25.
Amateur Private Tuition £15.75 per 1/2 hr

Singles and couples all very welcome.
For more info or to book please contact us 01388 609899 or